A high performance search engine


A quick summary of Zsearch and what it is about. Talk about specific features, perhaps compare with existing products?

Quick start

You can grab the source and build the project from scratch if you have gcc 4.7.2 (or higher) and libevent2:

$ git clone git://github.com/victorparmar/zsearch.git
$ cd zsearch
$ ./buildall.sh
$ ./build/server ./docroot

As simple as that! You now have a zsearch instance running on localhost:8080. You can test this out by indexing a few documents provided by the load script:

$ ./api/load.py

You can then open up a browser and point to http://localhost:8080/doc?id=1 to retrieve the first document or simply search via http://localhost:8080/search?q=kingdom to get a list of all the document ids. You can change the search term to whatever you'd like to play around with it. A screencast of the above steps is provided below:

If you'd like to manually post data, you can do so via http://localhost:8080/post.htm. There are a couple of sample documents under the data folder with the extension .xml. You will need to copy and paste the entire xml and post it to the server to have it index the document. Enjoy :)

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